21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (2023)

Whether you're planning to start selling custom t-shirts or looking for ways to scale your current print-on-demand business, stay ahead of the current t-shirt design trends.is essential.

But there are so many things to consider:

Which t-shirt designs are really hot in 2022? What t-shirt colors should I choose? How to create trendy t-shirt designs?

To help you with that, we've rounded up the most popular t-shirt designs for 2022 with brief examples of how to wear them. So read on and explore our 21 new t-shirt design trends below to find your next t-shirt look.

Typographic T-Shirt Design Trends

1. 3D-Typography

A perfect example of a t-shirt design trend growing out of modern "can do" possibilities. This trend is far from new, but it is certainly one that has arrived with the development of modern technology and the new capabilities of graphics software.

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How to make a t-shirt with a 3D typography design

3D typography can definitely add extra depth to any t-shirt design, but you may think that designing 3D elements for a t-shirt is very difficult. Not correct!

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There are many great online design tools that you can use to create basic 3D elements such as: B. this one to carve. Another way to design 3D text is with Adobe Illustrator. In addition, Adobe has aVideotutorial rapido to help you create 3D text. So go ahead and use it!

2. Typografisches Chaos

Every graphic design trend in some way reflects the times we live in. Do I even need to explain why messy t-shirt designs have become so popular lately? Breaking all general typographical rules and wreaking literal havoc on the t-shirt, what could be more appropriate in 2022?

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (3)

This creates a typographical chaos on your t-shirt

There are no hard and fast rules to follow here. Just try to play with the text and letter alignment, mix up the word order and create your own unique look.

To give you an idea, here is one quick tutorialfrom Adobe on how to create basic typographical chaos for t-shirt designs.

3. Repeated words

Sometimes you have to repeat something to really get your message across. With this trend you not only set accents, but also create a well-designed t-shirt. So if you are not a very experienced designer but are looking for some creative ideas for your t-shirt collection, this design is for you.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (4)

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How to create a repeating word design t-shirt

This is one of the simpler t-shirt trends in 2022. Here's how you can wear it:

  • Create a clear message that you want to communicate.
  • Choose a compelling font that matches the tone and mood of your message.
  • Repeat the message on your t-shirts as often as you can.
  • Change the text a little on each line.

4. Statements in bold

This t-shirt design trend was born out of the need to represent something important without having to say a word, as we live in an era where the limitation of personal contact has become a new reality.

But that doesn't mean we don't have a say because we do. And we must say it loud and clear, especially when you are defending a cause, a political campaign or a social movement.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (5)

How to create an eye-catching statement t-shirt

Think of a phrase or phrase that expresses the message you want to share. Keep the design minimal and strong, use an easy-to-read sans serif font, and don't be afraid to make your text colorful.

Take a look at this excellent selection of free minimalist canva fonts. Just pick one and start designing new t-shirts!

5. Handwritten text

The year 2022 is all about the celebration of individuality. Add a distinctive tone to your t-shirt designs with hand-drawn text or illustrations – nothing says your personality and mood quite like a handwritten message.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (6)

How to make a t-shirt with handwritten text

The key here is finding a perfect script font that reflects the mood of your message, it can literally transform or destroy your design. Here are 5 free handwriting fonts you can use in your designs right now:

wanna spice it up Experiment with bright colors and add various modern hand-drawn design elements.

6. Arched and flipped text

While most designers favored organic blob shapes in 2020, 2021 was certainly a year of sophisticated curves. Applying this trend to typography or matching text to the curvy element of your design makes it easy to transform an ordinary t-shirt into something extraordinary.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (7)

How to make a t-shirt with arched text

Try curling your text to match the curve around a circular or semi-circular image to frame different elements of your design. The easiest way to do this is using Canva. With Canva Curved Text Generator-Funktion, you can convert your text to the curved shape and direction you want for free.

Illustration trends for t-shirt designs

7. Cartoons

This t-shirt design trend comes as no surprise. In 2022, custom artwork has become a great way to set any design apart from the general blur of heavy graphic elements, clean look, and minimalist elegance.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (8)

How to make a t-shirt with a cartoon illustration

Cartoon characters and illustrations aren't the easiest things to design. but 99designshas the best Cartoon T-Shirts created by its designer community. You can use it as a reference point or hire a freelance illustrator to design a one-of-a-kind t-shirt illustration.

8. Geometric Shapes

The use of geometric shapes in contemporary designs is definitely a trend to watch out for in 2022. Creating complex designs from the use of simple flat shapes is surprisingly memorable.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (9)

How to make a t-shirt with a geometric shape design

The key here is to try to create a bold, abstract illustration using simple shapes. watch this for free 6 minute Canva tutorial Learn how to create modern designs with geometric shapes and start designing your next graphic tee.

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9. Optical illusion

When you see an unusual or strange picture, do you immediately forget it or spend some time looking at it?


An optical illusion design is not only a newly revived design trend from the 70s, but it can also catch the attention of any beholder. And keep that in mind when designing a t-shirt.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (10)

How to create a t-shirt with an optical illusion design

Here the rules are very simple: use illustrations that grab attention and get people to solve them. But you don't want to overcomplicate the design, so make it appropriate and not overbearing. For example, layered typographyIt's a surefire way to create an intriguing t-shirt.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (11)

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10. gelb

Raise your hand if you've felt blue at least once in 2020. Perhaps the Pantone Color Institute knew something we didn't when they announced Classic Blue as the official color of 2020 (not the best color in my opinion).

Fortunately, brighter times seem to be upon us with a much more exciting color of the year: Illuminator (Yellow)! And this time Pantone didn't commit to a single color, combining sunny yellow with a very approachable "Ultimate" grey.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (12)

How to use Pantone's Color of the Year in your t-shirt design

The reason this is the trending color combination for t-shirt designs is because of its sheer versatility. As you can see in the examples above, "lit" yellow can be placed over gray and vice versa while still being readable.

Check Pantone official websiteto find out everything you need to know about the colors of the year and how to wear them, as well as other color trends.

11. Retrofuturismus

Get inspiration from futuristic cities, robotic environments, space travel and hover cars for this t-shirt design. This t-shirt print theme evolved from last year's trend of vintage fashion and 80's futurism, in other words, it's about looking back and seeing how people in the past thought about the future. .

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (13)

How to make a t-shirt with a retro-futuristic design?

Bold fantasy, retro typography, grainy and blurry effects, and an optimistic vision of the future are the main elements of the retro-futuristic style. To make your t-shirt design look funnier, try retro fonts and any kind of grain brush.

Here's a bunch of great ones Add ons for Adobe Illustrator, and a free quick canvas guidehow to quickly create a retro design for your t-shirt printing.

Artistic t-shirt trends

12. Psychedelic Designs

In 2021, design trends have strayed further from realism than ever before. The weirder your t-shirts look, the better. Though visual psychedelia in design dates back to the '70s, it's back in 2022, thanks to the artist who was bored with everything else.

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21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (14)

How to make a psychedelic design t-shirt?

Think mind-blowing patterns, unrealistic cartoon characters, visual psychedelics, explosions of color and total creative chaos. And remember to use the classic psychedelic palette of 6 colors: medium yellow (#FFEB00), fiery red (#FC0019), malachite (#01FF4F), shocking pink (#FF01D7), interdimensional blue (#5600CC) and turquoise blue (#00EDF5). ). ).

13. Tie-dye

Another retro-inspired t-shirt design returns with power and pride in 2022. Complicated batik patterns have a refreshing effect on unusual colors. Additionally, experimental digital tie-dye patterns are emerging as a new method of creating visual textures.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (15)

How to use a tie punch in your t-shirt design

One way to use this trend on your t-shirt is to place a tie-dye pattern on a darker background to accentuate the color and overlay a phrase or slogan in painterly strokes..here is a free one 60 second tutorialhow to create a digital tie-dye pattern for your next t-shirt design.

14. Multicolored Words

Positive energy is something everyone was missing in 2020 and 2021 was already looking better. Nothing screams positivity like a splash of bright color. Bring more joy into this world by adding some colors to your text based t-shirt designs.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (16)

How to create a multicolored word t-shirt design:

This is perhaps one of the simpler design trends on our list. Start creating your text-based design. Next, choose some vibrant and happy colors to use as the color palette for the design. Just remember to keep the overall mood of the message, your brand, and the audience in mind when choosing colors.

15. T-shirt designs for a good cause

Many people around the world have faced challenges and injustices in recent years. This has created a tendency to oppose inequality and demand justice. While protest messages on t-shirts are not a trend per se, there are many people, including influencers and creatives, uniting against injustice and supporting the Black Lives Matter movements, the Me Too movement and the LGBTQ+ community want . , Etc.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (17)

How to support a cause with a t-shirt design

Try to draw more attention to your t-shirt by finding a way to express your message in an unconventional way. For example, try to be more original and instead of just printing a rainbow flag on your t-shirt, show it with color codes.

16. Art of voxels

A voxel is a 3D cube that is basically the 2D version of a 3D pixel. You may have seen voxel art in video games like Minecraft - it has an instantly recognizable style that's somewhat similar to Lego blocks. We've already mentioned 3D and simple geometric shapes as super hot trends - voxel art is basically a combination of both.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (18)

How to make a t-shirt with a voxel art design

Although it is a growing trend in graphic design, it is necessary to use it a voxel editorand have at least some design experience to create voxel art from scratch for your t-shirt design.

17. Black and white

In 2020 everyone was obsessed with muted monochrome palettes, but it seems that in 2022 the world is poised to take it a step further. There's a simple explanation for this: dark color palettes used on a t-shirt are much less uncomfortable on the eyes. A dark background design concept helps highlight text or logo on the t-shirt without too much eye strain.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (19)

How to create a black and white t-shirt design

Black and white is a design duo that has always accompanied us and is always a winning combination for a t-shirt. For some inspiration before you start creating your black and white t-shirt design, check out this wide range of eye-catching black and white designsby Canvas.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (20)

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T-shirt designs inspired by nature

18. Pet T-Shirts

Animal-inspired t-shirts were popular in 2021. Nature and the environment are hot topics right now, and you can see its influence on fashion trends in unexpected ways.

For example, printing pet portraits onto custom t-shirts has become a popular trend among celebrities and social media influencers. Maybe you should do that too?

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (21)

How to make an animal themed t-shirt

You can feature your beloved pet's funny photo on the t-shirt or create a hand-drawn design that outlines his body and some facial features.

19. Flower pattern

Yes, I know floral t-shirt designs sound like a "breakthrough" fashion trend, but trust me on this one. The idea of ​​imitating nature, using natural and softer earth tones, flowing lines and gradients fits perfectly with the general trend of delicate and slightly feminine designs.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (22)

How to make a floral t-shirt?

Whether you want to wrap your flowers with an image or a quote, the possibilities are endless. But if you're looking for a best-selling style, consider creating t-shirt designs with photorealistic floral prints, watercolor prints, botanical typography, and blurred flowers.

20. Spiritual Aesthetics

A well-documented side effect of the current pandemic situation is the longing for nature. That's why nature, the environment and spirituality are hot topics right now, and their impact on designs can be seen everywhere.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (23)

How do I create a t-shirt with a nature-inspired design?

The nature-inspired aesthetic fits perfectly into the general trend of minimalism. Choose natural, light and earthy colors and tones, calm gradients and flowing lines for t-shirt designs. You can also try to get more attention for your t-shirts by donating a portion of the sale proceeds to conservation.

21. Rainbow

This was one of the cutest design trends of 2021. Rainbows represent fun, joy and hope - everything we've been missing for so long. On many t-shirts, the rainbow design is paired with a clean, simple typeface that arches the length of the rainbow or is framed like a quote below.

21 hot t-shirt designs for 2022 (for men and women) (24)

How to make a t-shirt with a rainbow design

You can easily design your own rainbow - just choose a color palette that suits your brand, mood or aesthetic. You can make it the focal point of your design or combine it with a word or quote to create a unique design for your t-shirts. Don't be afraid to make your rainbow look fun.

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