Danielle Laidley Biography, Donna Leckie Partner, Children, Net Worth, Career, Controversy, Personal Information & More (2023)

Danielle Laidley and her partner Donna Leckie have had an adorable bond since childhood.

Danielle Laidley Biography, Donna Leckie Partner, Children, Net Worth, Career, Controversy, Personal Information & More (1)

Danielle Laidley, a former Australian rules football coach, speaks emotionally about the difficult journey she had to become her authentic self. Between 1987 and 1997, she competed as a professional-level player in this arena.

During her career she has held various roles with clubs on the West Coast and North Melbourne. Notable highlights of her career include playing for North Melbourne in the AFL Grand Final in 1996 and representing Western Australia in 1996 and 1998. She also played for Western Australia in both years.

She has finally opened up to the public about the challenges she has faced over the years as a coach and player. Now her followers are curious to know more about the person who shares her life with her.


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  • 3 Danielle Laidley: Filha Molly Laidley
  • 4 Danielle Laidley: Childhood
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  • 6 Danielle Laidley controversies
  • 7 Danielle Laidley: Personal Life
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Danielle Laidley: Biography

Dani Laidley is 54 years old. The player was born on March 27, 1967 in Western Australia, Australia and since then the coach has resigned as Australian Rules Football Coach. Despite the fact that Dani Laidley was born in Western Australia and holds Australian citizenship, she looks Caucasian. Regarding the constellation that represents her zodiac sign, she is Aries.

As she talks about her family's past, details of the lives of her ancestors are explored. However, she has a loving father and mother that we know very little about. They kept their relationship private. Regarding her siblings, we have no information to share with you at the moment.

Danielle Laidley: Spouse Donna Leckie

Danielle Laidley Biography, Donna Leckie Partner, Children, Net Worth, Career, Controversy, Personal Information & More (2)

Danielle Laidley is currently in a relationship with Donna Leckie who was either her childhood sweetheart or her partner. Still, she clarified that "we're not getting married and we're not engaged."

Despite the fact that Laidley and Leckie have found love in each other, they don't seem to have any plans to move forward with their relationship at this point. They attended elementary school and high school together, creating an unbreakable bond.

After dating for over a year, there were reports that they were getting engaged, but those stories turned out to be untrue. Once they made it official, Donna started talking about it.

"We hugged so tight it blew our minds. We are very happy that it is finally open to the public. I can't wait to spend time with my family, especially my children and grandchildren.”

However, prior to the gender reassignment, Danielle was married to his ex-wife, Joanne Laidley. Joanne, who seems to be keeping a low profile in public at this point, was married to Danielle before making the transition.

Danielle Laidley: Filha Molly Laidley

Molley, Brooke and Kane Laidley are Danielle Laidley's children from a previous relationship with Joanne, who is also the mother of Danielle's other child. Her children have avoided the limelight despite her being a well-known figure.

Molly grew up alongside her sister Brooke, who lives a reclusive life, and her brother Kane, who is a DJ and has thousands of followers across various social media platforms. Since Danielle is emotionally open about the difficult relationship, it suggests that the family is going through some hardships.

However, she noted, "All I can say is that in God's time our family will be together again. You can't take any more pain. And one day, maybe in a few years, we'll all sit together and be in a wonderful position."

"It blows a huge hole in the middle of my heart. You were the center of my world. No rush. I won't be traveling anywhere for a long time."

It now appears that they don't follow each other on any of the various social media platforms.

Danielle Laidley: Early Life

Danielle Laidley was born on March 27, 1967 and grew up in Balga, Western Australia. She is now 55 years old and has finally found the love and happiness she was looking for.

Her Wikipedia page states that she was a member of the Australian Football League (AFL) in 1987 and 1997. She began her coaching career in 2003 with the North Melbourne side and continued there until 2009, when she retired from the AFL.

She had male genitalia at birth and gained popularity in the men's AFL. She wants to be known as Dani now that she has completed her gender reassignment surgery.

Fortuna by Danielle Laidley

Danielle Laidley's 2022 net worth is estimated to be nearly $2 million. She is a former Australian football player and coach and has been involved in the field for a number of years.

She is also the author of the book Don't Look Awar, which every one of her fans is looking forward to reading. She recently gave an interview to the show 60 Minutes in which she spoke about her life experience.

The Danielle Laidley controversies

In 2006, during a series of ongoing poor performances during a game against St. Louis, a Kangaroo fan got into an argument with Laidley. Kilda. The game took place in Australia. The viewer made two comments, to which Laidley responded with a candid summary: "We're all hurt." Afterwards, Laidley invited the viewer into the club rooms so he could witness how badly the players felt about their performance on the field. Televisions were used to record the footage and then broadcast it across the country. Later that night, the fan took his own life, and his death was unrelated to the Laidley incident.

With Laidley's contract set to be renewed in late 2007, former Kangaroos player Wayne Carey expressed his disapproval of their play and suggested that another former teammate, John Longmire, should take her place. Carey's comments date back to 2007.

After receiving a candid response from Laidley, in which she referred to Carey's personal scandals, Carey gave her a reaction in which she called her arrogant.

Laidley was arrested in May 2020 and charged with stalking. She didn't post bail. At the time of her arrest, it was discovered that Laidley had hidden 0.43 grams of methamphetamine in her bra. She was placed in a pre-trial intervention program in November and the stalking charge against her was "deferred engagement with no recorded conviction". While Laidley was in detention, a Victoria Police officer reportedly took photos of her in women's clothing and distributed those photos. The officer was charged in December with misconduct in public office and unauthorized access and dissemination of police information. These allegations arose from the officer's actions.

Danielle Laidley: Personal Life

In December 2019, Laidley began transitioning from a woman to a man.

Since 2021, Laidley has resumed his involvement with North Melbourne Football Club, notably tossing the coin during the 2022 Pride Round game against the GWS Giants and attending various club events alongside the North Melbourne players and management.

Dani Laidley: Career

In Round 1 of the 1987 VFL season, Laidley played his first game for the West Coast Eagles against Richmond at the Subiaco Oval. An aggressive halfback player, Dani earned the nickname "The Junkyard Dog" due to her dedication to the game and ability to consistently gain possession.

In late 1992, Laidley moved to North Melbourne. Laidley's playing ability to back pocket kick or catch an unhindered short shot was a concept that was later widely embraced by other teams and became one of his most recognizable aspects. Laidley was a successful manager in the Australian Football League (AFL) before undergoing a gender reassignment surgery.

After retiring from the AFL, Laidley began his coaching career beginning with the Weston Creek Club competing in the AFL Canberra Division. Her first coaching job in the Australian Football League was as an assistant coach at Collingwood, where she worked with Mick Malthouse. She was part of the club's unsuccessful run to the Grand Final in 2002.

Laidley was selected to replace Denis Pagan as the Kangaroos' senior coach for the 2003 season after Pagan stepped down as head coach. In the first two years, the team finished 10th. In her first year as a coach, she led the Kangaroos to the playoffs; Unfortunately they were unable to defeat Port Adelaide in the championship eliminator and were left behind. In 2006, they ranked 14th, a significant drop from the previous year.

After spending a season working as an assistant with Mark Williams and then Matthew Primus, Laidley announced in 2011 that he was returning to Melbourne for family reasons. However, she stated that she would be available as a scout and opposition analyst for Port Adelaide in Melbourne. Laidley's previous work experience includes being an assistant to Mark Williams for a season.

Conversely, Port Adelaide announced on 27 October 2010 that they would retain their role as assistant coaches for the 2011 season, splitting their time between Adelaide and Melbourne, four days in Adelaide and three days in Melbourne. When Matthew Knights was sacked, she applied for the position of senior manager at Essendon Football Club but did not get the job.

In early November 2011, it was reported that Laidley would take over as midfield coach at St. Louis. Kilda Football Club. Commenting on the move Laidley made, St Kilda boss Chris Pelchen said: "As a former player and coach, Dean brings a wealth of knowledge to the table."

His experience will be of great value to Santos in the overall development of his players. Laidley joined Carlton on 31 October 2013 as an assistant midfield coach. Laidley resigned after Brendon Bolton was hired as Carlton's new head coach in 2015.


Who is Danny Laidleys partner? ›

Dani Laidley, partner Donna Leckie stun on 2022 Brownlow Medal red carpet | The Advertiser.

Who is Donna Leckie partner? ›

AFL legend Dani Laidley and partner Donna Leckie arrive at Caulfield Guineas Day hand-in-hand.

Was Danielle Laidley married? ›

Does Danielle Laidley have kids? ›

Dani Laidley

Is Danielle Laidley in a relationship? ›

And because of that the 55-year-old former player and coach, formerly known to millions as Dean Laidley, is here today: a proud, contented transgender woman, happily living with her partner Donna and sharing her astounding story.

How old is Dani Laidley? ›

How many children did David Leckie? ›

They met while she was public relations chief at David Jones Limited, and they remained married until his death. Together, they had two children, Harry and Ben. Leckie cut his finger in a garage door in 2008. This injury led to sepsis, resulting in his being placed in an induced coma at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.

Who is Laidley girlfriend? ›

Saving their entrance until the very end, former North Melbourne coach Danielle Laidley and her partner, Donna Leckie, delivered the drama in what was an otherwise uneventful return to the red carpet after the Brownlow's pandemic pause.

How tall is Dani Laidley? ›

Is Dani Laidley engaged? ›

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia in Sydney on Friday for the Virgin Australia Pride Flight, Dani, 54, dismissed the speculation saying, 'We aren't getting married and we aren't engaged'.

Where was Dean Laidley born? ›

How tall is Dean Laidley? ›

Which AFL coach turned female? ›

Former North Melbourne coach Danielle Laidley has broken her silence to reveal gut-wrenching details about her 50-year battle with gender dysphoria. Speaking in a candid interview with Channel 9's 60 Minutes, the 55-year-old West Australian detailed the difficulties she faced while transitioning to a transgender woman.

Who did Dean Laidley play for? ›

Laidley was a 1996 premiership player with North Melbourne who became senior coach for seven years before being inducted into the club's hall of fame.

Who is Danielle on 60 minutes? ›

Former AFL great Danielle Laidley has opened up about the difficulty of keeping a huge part of her life a secret as she transitioned to a woman. In a tell-all interview with 60 Minutes airing on Sunday night, the 55-year-old gave an insight into her gender dysphoria and how she's found love and happiness as a woman.

Who are the Shepmates? ›

Archie & Miles Sheppard (Aka Shepmates) are Tik Tok superstars who have taken social media by storm with their hilarious sporting commentary skits. These young fellas are absolutely crushing it. Their passion for sport and making videos has now turned into a genuine opportunity to do this thing full time.

Has David Leckie died? ›

Did Vera marry Leckie? ›

Personal life. He married Vera Keller, and they had three children: David Leckie, Geoff and Joan.

Was David Leckie ill? ›

Mr Leckie's health never fully recovered from a life-threatening infection he suffered when he cut his finger in 2008, only to end up in an induced coma at St Vincent's Hospital fighting for life. In 2012, he left his role as CEO at Seven West Media.

Who is the heaviest AFL player ever? ›

Michael Francis Nolan (9 November 1949 – 27 May 2008) was an Australian rules footballer who played for the North Melbourne Football Club in the Victorian Football League (VFL). Because of his weight of 135 kg and height of 194 cm, Nolan was dubbed "The Galloping Gasometer" by commentator Lou Richards.

Who is the shortest person to play AFL? ›

THE SHORTEST player to play AFL/VFL football is Jim 'Nipper' Bradford, who was just 155cm. Bradford played for North Melbourne and Collingwood in the 1940s. Incredibly, he weighed just 53kg.

Who is Dean Laidleys wife? ›

Did Dean Laidley coach Carlton? ›

He was coach of North Melbourne for seven years and his since been part of coaching teams at Port Adelaide, St Kilda and Carlton.

How tall is the average AFL Ruckman? ›

At professional AFL level, the average height of ruckmen is over 2.00 m (6 ft 6+1⁄2 in) tall.

Why was Charlotte's coach fired? ›

Charlotte FC fired Miguel Angel Ramirez due to front office conflicts: sources. In February, shortly after he infamously told reporters that he thought Charlotte FC was “screwed” in their expansion season, head coach Miguel Angel Ramirez brought his players together for a team meeting.

Who is the youngest AFLW player? ›

Daisy D'Arcy (born 12 December 2002) is an Australian rules footballer playing for Gold Coast in the AFL Women's competition (AFLW). Playing statistics correct to the end of the S7 season.

Can you wear gloves in AFL? ›

Only gloves with extra padding and registered with the league to be used for protective purposes are checked by umpires before games. All other gloves are subject to AFL approval at the start of the year but can then be worn at any stage of the season, the AFL confirmed yesterday.

Did Adam Treloar play for GWS? ›

Gun midfielder Adam Treloar arrived at the Kennel in the final minute of the 2020 Trade Period. Treloar began his career at GWS, signing as an under-age recruit and playing 79 games across four seasons from 2012-15. He then requested a trade home and landed at Collingwood, managing 94 games between 2016 and 2020.

Who did Dean Laidley marry? ›

Does Dean Laidley have a wife? ›

What does Dean Cox do for a living? ›

A former carpet worker, Dean is a Community branch secretary in the West Midlands and a longstanding activist and roving rep for Community. Dean is also a serving Parish Councillor for Wolverley and Cookly Parish Council.

Does Nick Rolovich have children? ›

Personal life. Rolovich is married to Analea Donovan, his college sweetheart from Maui. They have four children.

Who is the shortest AFL player? ›

The shortest player to play in the Australian Football League is Danny Craven (Australia) at 162cm tall, playing for St Kilda in 1989-92 and Brisbane 1993-95.

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