Do you want to be followed? 14 signs that a girl likes you and wants you to pursue her FINAL SHOT - Joyanima (2023)

Do girls want to be followed? In today's video we are going to discuss 14 signs that a girl likes you and wants you to pursue her. Stalking and flirting are topics that go hand in hand. We'll learn what to look for when it comes to the way a woman talks to you, how she interacts with you, a woman's body language, and much more.

The dating world is not the same anymore. Not only men have to do all the work.

In fact, women generally like to be the ones doing the work or running after the men. This is just the new world of dating that is constantly evolving.

However, sometimes a girl still likes to be chased by a guy, and they often leave a trail.signs and cluesbehind them saying, well they want you to hunt them down.

Now I get it, it can be so confusing unless you know what women really do. And today we're going to learn exactly what girls do when they want you to chase them.

Signs a Girl Wants You to Chase Her

She's hot then she's cold

Have you ever started talking to a girl and you think things are going well and she gets cold? After a while it starts to get fuller and increase the fire.

This can cause confusion and youasking what she wants?Well, it's her showing you that she wants you to hunt her down.

Instead of getting angry, take this as a sign to try to pursue her.

She responds quickly

If a girl really isn't interested in you, she won't respond quickly. She will be slow to respond because it's not a priority for her.

(Video) 11 Subtle Signs She Wants You To Make A Move (How To Tell If A Girl Likes You & Is Waiting For You)

If she responds quickly, then you have priority andshe wants to get to know you better. However, she can be shy and wants you to make the first move by running after her.

She may also love the thrill of being chased and wants you to get down to business.

Correct answers if she answers

She will give you the right answers when replying to your messages. It won't just be an "ok", "yes" or "laughs".

She will respond with long, detailed messages that have some depth. She might reveal more about herself or start someprovocativeText chat.

That's what she says, follow me if you like me! Then take the hint and make her move.

She says yes to everything you propose

If you ask her to do something, she will always say yes. That's because you're asking her out, you're chasing her, and that's what she wants!

She wants to spend time with you and get closer to you. if you think about itquestion her, without fear.

Dive in and just do it! She will love it and will definitely say yes.

She is always right next to you

A girl will always be proud of how she looks when she likes you and wants you to pursue her.

She won't just show up in sloppy, messy clothes. Her hair will be well styled, she will have nice clothes, nice shoes and maybe makeup.

(Video) 14 Signs That A Woman Wants To Get Intimate With You (Only 2% Of Men Know THIS)

You can see that she struggles andthis is your sign for itwith her.

Both have meaningful conversations

The small talk phase is over. No longer asking about her day, she will focus on deeper and more meaningful conversations.

You can talk about your school experiences or your childhood. These are pretty deep conversations, and when someone opens up to you in this way, it's usually because they like you and are very interested in you.

Her telling you these things is a sign that she trusts you, your sign that she needs to pursue, and things will likely move into a more serious relationship from here.

She flirts and plays with you

Sometimes a girl willto provoketo show that she likes you and wants more.

It might be a bit confusing as you might think, does she like me? She's not very nice! She really likes you and this is her way of showing it.

She just wants you to push yourself a little harder and run after her.

The flirting and teasing is her way of showing you that she's open for you to make your move, you just have to do it!

If you stop talking to her she will start chasing you

When you're chasing someone, it can be exhausting. You may start to feel low or like you have no energy. You may notice it starts as soon as you stop!

If you stop talking to her all of a sudden, she'll start texting you and try harder. The roles are reversed and you have to do very little while she does more work.

(Video) 14 UNCONTROLLABLE Signs A Woman Likes You (Men NEED To Know These)

The trick here is to follow her around for a while to let her know you're interested, then ease off the chase so she has a chance to pursue you.

She avoids the big question

When you're dating someone, there comes a time when you naturally want to make things official. It's natural and it's a beautiful moment.

So it can be off-putting when a girl says no or tries to avoid this big issue by changing the subject. It's not because she doesn't necessarily want to be her girlfriend, she just wants you to keep chasing after her for a while.

Girls love to pursue and start a relationship when everything is so exciting and electrifying. That's why sometimes they stretch if you wanttake things to the next level.

Patience is key here, be patient and wait for the relationship to naturally blossom.

She asks if you miss her

Sometimes it may seem like she ismysteriousor distant, which can be off-putting and make you feel like a waste of time.

Then when you spend time together she asks if you miss her.

Does that make you wonder what she wants from me? Try not to get frustrated and remember that she wants you to chase her.

She plays hard to get

Playing hardball is a classic sign that someone wants you to chase them. She might not be as quick to respond at times or say no to a date you thought she might want to go on.

This is their game that is hard to get, so you put in the effort and follow them.

(Video) IF She Asks You THIS – She’s Very Attracted to You

When you find her doing this, start putting in more effort and chasing after her.

She smiles a lot and looks happy.

Someone who naturally likes someone smiles a lot around them and seems naturally happy. Even if she plays hard to get, she can try to hide it, but it's impossible.

She will just smile and naturally glow when she is around you.Keep an eyeher smile, shows that she wants you to chase her.

visual contact

This is a classic sign that she likes you and wants you to pursue her. We can tell a lot by body language, includingif someone wants youto hunt them down.

You may still be in the learning phase and still new. At this stage, you really don't know much about the other person and may not fully understand their body language.

A surefire way to tell someone wants you to follow them is to make eye contact. This might sound intense, maybe you're out to dinner and she's looking right at you with a small smile as you talk. That's her sayingI like you and I want you to make your move.

Keep an eye!

She tells her itinerary

When a girl tells you what she's doing and when she's doing it. That's her way of telling you, when I'm available, ask me out!

She might say I work Monday and Tuesday, but I have Wednesday off. She wants you to run after her and ask her out on a date this Wednesday.

She also wants you to know that she has another life and is busy. It's almost like a protection mechanism in case you don't feel the same way about her.

(Video) Psychological Signs A Woman Wants Your Attention (You Won't Believe These Facts About Women)

To prevent them from feeling this way, start hunting. So she knows you like her.


How do you tell if a girl wants you to pursue her? ›

Here are a few guaranteed signs she wants you to chase her:
  1. She responds to texts promptly.
  2. She uses emojis in her texts.
  3. She tells her friends about you.
  4. She's always around you.
  5. She initiates contact with you.
  6. She misses you.
  7. She isn't comfortable around other women.
  8. She informs you about her daily activities.
Jul 4, 2022

What are 10 signs that a girl likes you? ›

Is she into me? The top 10 signs she likes you
  • She's very touchy-feely with you. Does she often 'accidentally' brush your leg or arm or preen you? ...
  • She asks you a lot of questions. ...
  • She remembers your interests and follows up on them. ...
  • She finds you hilarious. ...
  • She teases you. ...
  • She draws attention to her neck and shoulders.

How do you know if a girl likes you romantically? ›

8 Signs That she likes you Romantically
  • She smiles often. Notice the way she smiles. ...
  • She has told her best friend about you. A woman usually shares everything with their best friends. ...
  • The teasing game. ...
  • She shows interest. ...
  • Read her eyes. ...
  • You own her undivided attention. ...
  • She asks. ...
  • She puts efforts.
Mar 10, 2017

How do you stop chasing her and make her chase you? ›

17 Ways To Make Her Chase You
  1. Make a unique first impression. Save. ...
  2. Mind your appearance when you are around her. ...
  3. Show her your mysterious side. ...
  4. Exude confidence. ...
  5. Hold back a little. ...
  6. Don't be clingy. ...
  7. Keep any romantic feelings for her a secret. ...
  8. Be the one who knows her best.
Jan 20, 2023

How do you tell if a girl likes you but is playing hard to get? ›

15 Signs She's Playing Hard to Get
  • She Says She Might Be Busy. ...
  • She Brings You Up in Conversation With Your Friends. ...
  • She Tries to Get Your Attention, But Not Your Compliments. ...
  • She Takes Her Time Texting Back. ...
  • She Takes Playful Jabs at You. ...
  • She Looks Away When You're Talking. ...
  • She Doesn't Request You on Social Media.

What does girls do if they like you? ›

If a girl likes you, she'll get touchy or try to be as close as possible to you. Notice how she sits when you're around you. If a girl likes you, she'll try to sit next to you rather than face you with her chair. She'll touch you for no reason, grab your hands, touch your arms or ask for them as you cross the road.

Is she interested or just being nice? ›

If she's leaning back and not really engaging you, she's just being polite. If she's glancing around, she's just being polite.” However, if she is flirting, “she'll be making definite eye contact, being very interested in whatever you're saying, and letting you know what she thinks,” adds Tessina.

How to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you? ›

Your girl might be hiding her feelings verbally, but the body language is something she cannot conceal. If she likes you, she will be her own self around you. She might sit closer to you, try to touch you, or play with her hair while talking to you. All these could be clues that she is interested in you.

How do you tell if a girl likes you but is shy? ›

21 Signs A Shy Girl Likes You
  1. She Goes Out Of Her Way To Help You. ...
  2. She Smiles A Lot Around You. ...
  3. You May Catch Her Checking You Out. ...
  4. She Acts Differently Around You. ...
  5. She Will Always Lean Your Way. ...
  6. She Tries To Lengthen The Conversation. ...
  7. She Laughs When You Crack A Joke. ...
  8. She's Quite Interactive On Social Media.
Dec 13, 2022

Does she have a crush on me? ›

Catching her staring at you is the biggest sign she has a crush. Look for other telltale cues like blushing, giggling, or making excuses to be together. Listen carefully to what she says—if she asks you about your crushes or talks about how she wants a boyfriend, she's dropping you some hints.

How do you know if she likes you more than a friend? ›

Asking to spend time with you could mean she's into you.

She might not ask you out directly, but even just a “Let's hang out!” on a regular basis is a potential indicator that she wants to be more than friends. Making plans is also a good way to test out what a long-term relationship with someone might be like.

What are the three words to impress a girl? ›

18 Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy With 3 Little Words
  • I love you. In this generation, hearing those words is everything. ...
  • You're the one. This one is a no-brainer right here. ...
  • Just kiss me! ...
  • Unlimited hot pizza... ...
  • You're the G.O.A.T. ...
  • I miss you. ...
  • Pack your bags! ...
  • Good morning, beautiful.
Jun 30, 2015

How do you make a girl chase you badly? ›

So, we devised 10 simple ways to make the ladies swoon and follow us!
  1. Make Your First Impression Count. Be confident. ...
  2. Be A Challenge. ...
  3. Ask The Right Questions. ...
  4. Don't Linger. ...
  5. Pay Attention To Small Details. ...
  6. Know Where To Draw The Line. ...
  7. Get To Know Her Better. ...
  8. Know The Difference Between 'Cocky' And 'Funny'
Aug 16, 2021

How do you make a girl interested in you when she is not? ›

How to Get an Uninterested Girl to Fall for You
  1. 1 Give off confident body language.
  2. 2 Act enthusiastic and appreciative.
  3. 3 Ask questions during the conversation.
  4. 4 Make open-ended statements.
  5. 5 Highlight what you have in common.
  6. 6 Request a favor from her.
  7. 7 Pass by and greet her each day.
  8. 8 Stick to basic greetings.

How to win a girl playing hard to get? ›

Here are 5 ways you can play hard to get to win her attention:
  1. (1) Do Not Give Her The Attention She Wants. Yes, of course, she wants attention from you. ...
  2. (2) Get Her To Make An Effort. ...
  3. (3) Give Her A Chance To Miss You. ...
  4. (4) Build The Sexual Tension But Make Her Wait For Sex. ...
  5. (5) Use The Element Of Mystery.
Sep 12, 2018

How to make a girl fall for you? ›

How To Make a Girl Fall For You: 20 Simple Strategies
  1. Work on yourself & have your own life. ...
  2. Be optimistic. ...
  3. Keep the conversation going. ...
  4. Respect her as an equal. ...
  5. Be her friend and make it fun. ...
  6. Take it slow – things will fall in place. ...
  7. Be chivalrous. ...
  8. Give her all your attention.
Apr 23, 2018

Does playing hard to get attract girls? ›

Turns out science can shed some light on how playing hard to get could actually benefit you. In a recent study published in Psychological Science, women were more attracted when they were uncertain if a guy liked them a lot than when they were sure a guy really liked them.

What are 5 signs a girl likes you? ›

15 Signs a Girl Likes You
  • She reschedules a date she can't make. ...
  • She makes an effort to continue the conversation. ...
  • She compliments you and tries to make you feel good. ...
  • She's clearly nervous around you. ...
  • Her body language is inviting. ...
  • She remembers things you tell her. ...
  • You catch her staring at you on multiple occasions.
Jan 19, 2023

What to do after a girl likes you? ›

Make eye contact, stand up straight, and speak up when you talk. Most girls are attracted to confidence. Try your best to not lead a girl on if you don't want to pursue a relationship with her. Don't try to show that you like her (or dislike her) by being mean to her.

Is she interested or am I Friendzoned? ›

If your crush goes on and on about how much he likes his cute coworker or how much she wants a new guy in school to ask her out, then you are definitely in the Friend Zone. If the person asks you for advice again and again and never once thinks that you might be interested, then you are definitely in the Friend Zone.

How do you show a shy girl you like her? ›

Patience is key when flirting with a shy girl. Stay in her comfort zone by being friendly, asking her questions about herself and sharing details about yourself, and showing just enough interest in her that she doesn't shy away from you.

How does a shy girl act around a guy she likes? ›

She smiles around you and/or laughs at your jokes.

If there's a relatively quiet woman near you that seems to respond to everything you say or even badly joke with a smile or laugh, she's interested in you. A lot. Shy girls don't often signal directly that they're interested, but this is the #1 sign that they are.

Can a girl like you and not show it? ›

She may have good reasons for keeping a lid on her feelings for you. She's already in a relationship and isn't sure whom she wants to be with. She knows what she feels for you but doesn't want you to know just yet. She's ashamed of her feelings for you but can't help showing them sometimes.

What to talk with a girl to impress her? ›

25 Ways to Masterfully Make Conversations With Girls
  • #1 Build up your confidence with these tricks.
  • #2. Read her body language to see if she's interested.
  • #3 Make intentional eye contact.
  • #4 Ask her name, then repeat it.
  • #5 Give her a unique compliment.
  • #6 Be chivalrous.
  • #7 Ask how she's doing.
  • #8 Introduce yourself.

What a girl likes in a guy? ›

When a man is honest and trustworthy, he instantly becomes more appealing and desirable to a woman. If he's dependable, truthful, genuine, and speaks from the heart, he's a guy who is worth pursuing, as people can take him at his word. "Trust and trustworthiness allow relationships to deepen," says Degges-White.

How to impress a girl to kiss? ›

Here are our tips and tricks on how to get a girl to kiss you!
  1. Tidy Yourself Up. Hopefully this one goes without saying, but you want to make sure you actually put your best foot forward and look good. ...
  2. Build Chemistry. ...
  3. Get in the Right Setting. ...
  4. Make Sure She's Comfortable. ...
  5. Use Compliments and Light Touching. ...
  6. Be Flirtatious.
Jan 22, 2021

How do you tell if someone is attracted to you? ›

Here are the typical signs someone is attracted to you:
  1. They lean in.
  2. They tilt their head as you speak (a sign of engagement).
  3. They smile at you.
  4. They make eye contact with you.
  5. They reach out and touch your arm, hand, back, or leg.
Jul 13, 2016

How do you start pursuing a girl? ›

It will probably be much easier to pursue a girl if you're on regular speaking terms with her. Strike up a conversation whenever you get the chance, and try to make a good impression each time. Do not fear the "friend zone!" Make friends with the girl, but be sure to keep up a sense of flirtation and mystery.

What does it mean when a girl wants you to chase her? ›

Women are more likely to get lovers chasing after them than men. As a result, they can afford to wait until they find the right one. Making a guy wait can be a way for them to test his commitment. In short, a woman wants you to chase her, to get to know if you're a keeper.

How do you successfully pursue a woman? ›

Keep The Effort Going: 7 Forgotten Ways To Earn A Woman's Love
  1. Be genuine. Throwing yourself at her isn't going to score you any points. ...
  2. Be confident. Confidence exudes through your words, and even more so through your actions. ...
  3. Be spontaneous. ...
  4. Be respectful. ...
  5. Be intelligent. ...
  6. Be patient. ...
  7. Be a man.
Sep 30, 2015

How to make her obsessed with you? ›

To make a girl become obsessed with you, get into her brain and her heart by being her hero, minding your looks, making her laugh, and making her feel special. You'll need to tailor your efforts to the girl in question, but keeping these basic principles in mind should give you an idea of where to start!

How do you make a girl is interested in you? ›

Things You Should Know
  1. Show your crush that you're confident and charismatic—smile around her, make strong eye contact, and be polite.
  2. Build up your rapport with her. ...
  3. Start flirting with her to let her know you're interested and when you're ready, be open about your feelings for her.

How do you pursue without chasing? ›

5 Ways To Give Yourself A Reality Check Instead Of Chasing...
  1. Be assertive and ask for what you want. ...
  2. View people in shades of gray. ...
  3. Don't mistake anxiety for attraction. ...
  4. Don't try to manipulate people. ...
  5. Walk away if you're not getting enough interest or respect.
Jun 29, 2015

How do you know if a girl is letting you down easy? ›

12 Signs You're Being Let Down Gently
  1. 1. “ I'm Super Busy With Work Right Now”
  2. A Change In Texting Habits.
  3. 3. “ I've Decided To See How Things Go With An Ex” No they're not. ...
  4. Any Reference To Friendship.
  5. 5. “ I'm Not Out Yet”
  6. Letting You Know They're Dating.
  7. 7. “ We Need To Talk” Obvs.
  8. Last Minute Cancelling.
Sep 9, 2015

What is the difference between chasing and pursuing? ›

Instead of continuously contacting her to see if she's available yet (chasing), you tell her to get in touch when her schedule opens up (pursuing). Pursuing does not means constant instigating or contact! Only say “yes” to her if it aligns with your goals, desires and values.

How do you make a woman fall in love with you madly? ›

How To Make a Girl Fall For You: 20 Simple Strategies
  1. Work on yourself & have your own life. ...
  2. Be optimistic. ...
  3. Keep the conversation going. ...
  4. Respect her as an equal. ...
  5. Be her friend and make it fun. ...
  6. Be anything but clingy. ...
  7. Take it slow – things will fall in place. ...
  8. Don't make yourself too available.
Apr 23, 2018

How do you win a girl's heart for the first time? ›

This is how to win a girl's heart and even keep it to yourself for a long time to come.
  1. Genuinely appreciate her. ...
  2. Look good. ...
  3. Oh, and smell good. ...
  4. Give her your attention. ...
  5. As a rule of thumb, never double text her. ...
  6. Make her feel special. ...
  7. Treat her like an equal. ...
  8. Touch her at the points that matter.
Mar 4, 2022

How do you show a girl you're not needy? ›

If you want to avoid clinginess in a romantic relationship, work on communicating those boundaries and practicing your independence:
  1. Set clear communication boundaries (when you text, how often, etc.)
  2. Openly express your needs.
  3. Independently explore your own hobbies.
  4. Make time for other relationships in your lives.


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