My ex unblocked me but didn't get in touch - magnet for success (2023)

If your ex unblocked you but didn't get in touch, it's safe to say he processed the initialseparation stages. Your ex has realized that he has gone too far with the block and has changed his mind about you.

But don't get me wrong. Your ex hasn't changed his mind to get back together with you. It doesn't mean to be unlocked.

All it means is that your ex doesn't feel as suffocated, angry, or irritated as they used to, and that your ex doesn't want to be the person who blocks exes and holds grudges.

You heard me right.

Your ex wants to be on good (or neutral) terms with people. including you, and had to unlock it to clear your guilt.

Whatever you do, don't think that an ex who unblocked you wants you back and that you should text orcall your eximmediately. This won't help you get your ex back because he won't wait for you to reach out so the two of you can get back together.

If your ex wanted you back, he would have called you and apologized. Your ex would have done everything in his power to regain your trust.

This is also true if your ex felt guilty and was afraid of being rejected by you.

So the reason why your ex unblocked you is very simple. Your ex unblocked you because of youshowed self-confidence and self-awarenessand proved that you havethe strength to move forwardwith your life.

So, don't see your ex's unblocking as an opportunity to get back in touch with them. Instead, stay out of touch and let your goofy ex get in touch when you're ready.

In this article, we talk about what it means when an ex unblocks you on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. We also give some simple advice on what to do if your ex suddenly unblocks you.

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Why did my ex unblock me after months?

Firstly, unlocking is not a guaranteed success.Signs that your ex misses youand that he or she will come back to you. It's just a sign that your ex has made emotional progress.

Advances made through:

  • think of yourself in a positive way
  • or experiencing something bad or uncomfortable that made your ex think about his behavior

I can't say which one it was, but if your ex unblocked you anddid not give prior notice, it is more likely to be the former.

Your ex probably thought about how he or she treated you after the breakup (and the pain he or she caused you), so your ex unblocked you and left it at that.

Although your ex could have apologized to you for the pain, he felt that apologizing would not make him any happier.

That's because your ex wasn't after your forgiveness.

Your ex was (and still is) in a position of power and that's all he wanted.forgive yourself and move on with no regrets.

So if you're wondering, "Why did my ex unblock me but not contact me?" the quickest explanation is that your ex unblocked you for himself.

Your ex did it because your ex wanted itmove forward with a clear conscienceavoiding all contact with you.

Here is a photo that explains why your ex unblocked you weeks or months after the breakup.

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It's also possible that your ex wanted to talk

Sometimes dumpers unblock their exes because they want to exchange a few quick words with them. They want to catch up with them and see what they missed.

Remember that these fools do not want to communicate and restore the love bond.

They want to communicate to see how their exes feel about them and how they are doing.

As an unlocked idiot weeks or months after lockdown, this is not an opportunity for you to reconnect with and woo your ex. Your job as an abandoned person is to prioritize yourself and continue to heal.

And that. That's all you have to do.

Don't think it's yoursex doesn't make contact eitherand that your ex wants you to make the first move. If that were true, your ex would be extremely selfish.

He or she would be someone who would abuse the Dumper's power just to preserve their ego.

Your ex may only want you to make the move if he or she wants you back and is afraid of rejection. But in this case, your ex would have no choice but to take the risk. Not talking to you would cause your ex pain, eventually forcing your ex to reach out and ask you out.

That's why you can't go wrong if you don't keep in touch. Your ex won't think you've moved on and will leave you alone because of it. Not if he or she wants you back!

You and I both know that someone who loves someone else would swim oceans for another chance to love. He or she would do crazy and desperate things.

So have faith and trust the rational side of your brain.

Even if your ex misses you and wants to talk to you, it's not your not break contact, hunting, begging or doing anything that lowers your self-esteem and rejects you again.

Your ex is more than capable of texting or calling you. With all the social media platforms out there, your ex can do this with a snap of a finger.

My ex unblocked me after a year

Everyone knows that after a breakup, dumpers focus entirely on themselves and forget about their exes. It's no secret.

But what people don't realize is that when dumpers focus on themselves and have fun, they process the negative emotions that caused them to block out their ex. Most of the time, they gradually stop feeling suffocated, angry, cold, intimidated or whatever negative emotions they felt right after the breakup and become much more neutral towards their exes.

They may not fall in love with their ex again because love requires a lot of positive feelings, but they still break out of the negative bubble that engulfed them.

That's why most dumpers eventually reach out and startBread crumbsher ex

So if you're wondering why an ex unblocks you after a year or two, the answer you're looking for is that your ex has had enough time to settle down.

Because of the space you gave your ex, you allowed him to do whatever he wanted - and indirectly sent your ex a powerful message.

A message that you are proceeding and that it is safe to be unlocked. This is especially true for dumpees thatasked and beggedafter separation.

What do I do if my ex has unblocked me but hasn't contacted me?

If your ex has unblocked you but hasn't contacted you, the first thing you should do is answer some very important questions.

How and why do you know your ex lifted your ban? Do you stalk your ex on social media? Did your ex show up among your recommended friends?

Or did your ex's online status light up again and you noticed?

If you accidentally noticed that your ex unblocked you on social media or various communication platforms like Instagram, Skype or Messenger, there probably wasn't much you could do about it. The website or app you're using notified you about your ex ban being unbanned, so it wasn't your fault.

But if you purposely stalked your ex on social media and realized you got unblocked, then that's a whole different story.

They were looking for information and asking to be hurt.

In this case, it is very important not to act instinctively and text your ex. If you succeed, it will likely do more harm than good.

you give it to your exthe power that no contact gave youand start craving your ex's affection again. As long as you're not over your ex, remember that communicating with your ex won't encourage you to get back together.

This will only fuel your hope for reconciliation and cause an emotional setback.

While it's true that some dumpers unlock their exes hoping they'll contact them, it's also true that most of them don't. Unfortunately, most ex-boyfriends unlock their boobs just to convince themselves that they're not hateful people.

With that in mind, here's what you need to do if your ex unblocks you on social media.

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So if you're wondering, "Why did my ex unblock me but not contact me?", you know your ex has no reason to start a conversation with you. Your ex has a reason to unblock you because he stopped feeling smothered, but your ex has no reason to get back in touch with you.

At least not yet.

Probably because your ex:

  • is worried about how you will react
  • feels uncomfortable talking to you
  • or fear of hurting you again (not common for dumpers who don't feel guilty and resort to blocking)

Carry on as if nothing had happened.

From your point of view, nothing has changed. Aside from your ex making some emotional advances and thinking it's safe to unblock you, your ex is still your ex.

He or she still stays away from you because communication brings more dissatisfaction than satisfaction to your ex.

This is why you should unfollow your ex immediately. You must do this to keep your ex out of sight and protect yourself.

If this isn't working for you because you can't stop stalking your ex, consider deleting your profile. You don't have to say goodbye to your Instagram pics and Facebook posts forever, but keep in mind that if you stay active, you'll likely keep reviewing your ex.

You will continue to get hurt and stuck with your ex.

If your ex unblocks you on Snapchat and places where you can communicate with them directly or through a story, remember that communication is not something your ex wants.

Your ex is not in love with you.

Your ex is probably just curious about you and what you've been up to. And that's it!

So before you start texting your ex and posting tons of selfies on your story, keep in mind that this is likely to overwhelm your ex.

This will make your ex feel uncomfortable and may even make him so angry that he feels the need to run away and block you again.

Sorry if you're aroundno contact indefinitely, your ex's silence speaks for itself. It states that your ex doesn't want or won't talk to you and that you need to stay away from him.

You must do this for your own good.

What does it mean when your ex keeps unblocking you?

If an ex keeps blocking and unblocking you, it means they are curious about you but not curious enough to reach out to you. It is aSigns that no contact is workingand that it will have a positive effect on your ex, but again not a positive enough effect to inspire your ex to come forward.

That's because exes who block and unblock all the time are not blocking and unblocking to trick their ex into contacting them. They do this because they are lonely, bored or occasionally sad and want to know what and how their ex is doing.

In other words, they keep checking up on their ex.

You need to understand that the actions of dumpeprs are mostly emotional in nature and have nothing to do with your love for your dumpee. It's all about the events in your life and how those events affect your emotional well-being.

I hope this article has explained why dumpers unlock and refuse to come forward months or years after a breakup. If you agree with what is written here, comment below. If you don't agree, comment too. I would love to hear what you think.

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