Our pick for the best Spanish school in Guatemala (2023)

If you want to learn Spanish, Guatemala is one of the best places in the world to help you achieve your language goals. Whether you are a beginner, improving what you already have or dreaming of becoming fluent, learning a language can greatly improve your travel experience.

Learning a language will make it easier for you to get around, find great restaurants, and even connect with the locals. Also, you will experience a culture to the fullest. Basically, it's like unlocking a whole new level as you travel. Most importantly, learning Spanish gives you access toAll deadspanish speaking world. There are more than 20 countries and almost 450 million speakers around the world!

After two weeks of intensive Spanish classes on Lake Atitlán, we couldn't have asked for a better experience to improve our Spanish skills. With a wonderful teacher, staff and wonderful environment,La Cooperativa Spanish Schoolin San Pedro La Laguna, is our choice for the best Spanish school in Guatemala.

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🌎 Why learn Spanish in Guatemala? 🇬🇹

Not only will you be a more confident traveler, you'll also appreciate the culture and cuisine more. In this sense, you have the opportunity to join the community and deepen your experience. In addition, it helps to avoid stressful situations. It's child's play.

Guatemala is an excellent choice as a base for Spanish classes for the following reasons:
  • it is very affordable
    • With courses typically costing less than $10 an hour, it's one of the cheapest places to take Spanish classes in the world! It's possible for even the most budget-conscious traveller.
  • Most schools offer host families
    • A homestay offers a complete immersion experience that you can practice on a daily basis. It also helps you to save on accommodation. Your host family will provide food up to three times a day.
  • The accent is easy to understand
    • Guatemalan Spanish is known for having one of the clearest accents in the Spanish-speaking world. The accent doesn't contain any particular irregularities that you'll find in many other Spanish-speaking countries. Guatemalans speak slowly with minimal slang. Well, at least mostly 🙂
  • to discover the story
    • 12 Mayan pueblos dot the shores of Lake Atitlán, each unique in its own right. Cradle of the Mayan civilization, Guatemala is home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many of their ancient traditions are present throughout the country.
  • The proud Chapin culture
    • Food, football, music, dance, textiles or agriculture. Guatemalans are eager to share their culture with you. Guatemalan culture is rich and distinctive, characterized by a fusion of Spanish and indigenous influences.
  • variety of activities
    • volcanic hikes, Kayaking, SUP, Surfing, Cooking Classes, Coffee Tours, Weaving Classes,cafés, markets, crafts, museums, exploring Mayan ruins... The list goes on.
  • Classes are available in all popular travel destinations
    • Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Xela, Flores and Guatemala City
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The school

The Cooperativa Spanish School invites and welcomes students from all over the world to its academy in beautiful San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. This community-driven cooperative offers Spanish immersion courses and study programs for students of all levels. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you'll fit right in here.

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They offer group and individual classes in a great classroom environment. You can even prepare for your arrival like I did by taking online lessons via Skype in advance. The school overlooks one of the most enchanting bodies of water in the world, the majestic Lake Atitlán. San Pedro is surrounded by lush mountains and three famous dormant volcanoes. Views never get old.

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A true cooperative created by a group of experienced Spanish teachers who believe they have a responsibility to their community. The staff here is friendly, attentive, and always takes care of their students. The school offers homestays with local families orgreat AirBnBhosted by one of its administrators and senior teacher Antonio and his wife Griselda. We found our home here for 3 weeks.

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You can stay up to date with the latest prices and enroll in courses by visiting their website.Here! You can choose between group or private lessons in the morning or afternoon. Classes are normally offered weekly with options of 3, 4 or 5 hours.

A basic breakdown of one-on-one Spanish school lessons:
  • MORNING CLASS(20 hours / 4 per day) – Q960 = $123.75
    • with host family– Q1660 = 213,98 $
  • MORNING CLASS(25 hours / 5 per day) – Q1150 = $148.24
    • with host family– Q1850 = 238,47 $
  • AFTERNOON CLASS(15 hours / 3 per day) – Q720 = $92.81
    • with host family– Q1.420 = 183,04 $
  • AFTERNOON CLASS(20 hours / 4 per day) – Q920 = $118.59
    • with host family– Q1.620 = 208,82 $
  • AFTERNOON CLASS(25 hours / 5 per day) – Q1,075 = $138.57
    • with host family– Q1.775 = 228,80 $
Spanish lessons with a friend! TWO STUDENTS – ONE TEACHER:
  • MORNING CLASS(20 hours / 4 a day) – Q1440 = $185.62
    • with host family for 2Q2,840 = $366.08
  • MORNING CLASS(25 hours / 5 a day) – Q1,725 ​​= $222.36
    • with host family for 2– Q3125 = 402,82 $
  • AFTERNOON CLASS(15 hours / 3 per day) – Q1,080 = $139.21
    • with host family for 2– Q2480 = 319,68 $
  • AFTERNOON CLASS(20 hours / 4 per day) – Q1,380 = $177.88
    • with host family for 2Q2.780 = $358.35
  • AFTERNOON CLASS(25 hours / 5 per day) – Q1,612 = $207.79
    • with host family for 2- Q3.012 = $388.25
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A typical day at school

There are a few different options for the lesson plan, however we chose 4 hours of individual lessons a day, five days a week, over two weeks. Our teacher Clarita is from San Pedro and has been teaching for over 20 years.

After an overall assessment of our Spanish, Clarita gave us a refresher course on some advanced topics and helped us improve our vocabulary with fun games and written exercises. Each lesson was carefully planned and tailored to fill in the missing gaps in our skills.

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During our sessions, we had natural and real conversations, practicing listening and speaking. All this gives us a glimpse of life in San Pedro and the unique culture of Guatemala. During our breaks, we were treated to some traditional Guatemalan snacks and chatted with Delphino, the caretaker who keeps the school's garden spotless.

Not only did Clarita help us take our Spanish to the next level, but she always brought so much energy and was enthusiastic about teaching. Fueled by complimentary Guatemalan coffee, we sat in the shade overlooking Lake Atitlan. We had a lot of laughs during our sessions and Clarita makes learning fun that it doesn't even feel like school.

the background story

I have been working with Clarita, our teacher at Cooperativa, since July 2021 and I have weekly Spanish classes online via Skype. It was special to meet her in person for the first time after taking her private lessons for almost a year.

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With so many Spanish schools and websites out there, I chose Cooperativa for several reasons. During the pandemic, the tourism industry in San Pedro has taken a serious hit. As visitor numbers dropped, the economy suffered again. Most of the clientele are international students who come here to take classes and stay in their homestays while enjoying San Pedro and all that the lake has to offer.

I wanted to support a small local business that offers online classes and really cares about their students. The Cooperative was all that and much more. I knew we would end up in Guatemala and had a vision to take classes in person in its idyllic setting.

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Mission Accomplished

We've always felt that learning Spanish and interacting with the locals could greatly enhance our travels in Latin America while also making the overall experience more rewarding. Mission Accomplished.

Throughout Guatemala, you will be welcomed with the opportunity to hear and speak Spanish. Even though we're not fluent yet, the smiles we get when we sing a perfect phrase or develop some new vocabulary are priceless. These are the travel moments you live for.

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Overall, La Cooperative Spanish School taught us a lot and we had a lot of fun. It was really cool to see a goal and a vision come to fruition. But in language, as in life, learning never ends.

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Language is a window to the world.

What You Need to Know – Spanish Basics

  • Hello! - Hello!
  • Morning. - Good morning.
  • Afternoon. - Good morning
  • Night. - Goodnight.
  • Until later! - Until later!
  • How are you? - How are you?
  • How much does it cost (for them)? - How much)?
  • The check, please - Bring me the bill, please.
  • Where is it _______? - Where is _______?
  • How do I get to ….? – How do I get to …?
  • I don't understand. – I don’t understand / I don’t understand
  • I'm happy to meet you! - I really like!
  • Please. - Bitte.
  • Thank you very much! - Thanks!
  • you're welcome, you're welcome
  • forks. - Yes
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

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