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This is our commentary at the Faculty of Spanish Faculty of Family School. Let's want to add another foreign language to our family schools in an interesting and interactive way. If you are interested in adding Spanish to the family school, be sure to check the Spanish Academy of Family School.


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Hi, I am Dr. Ellen, I work at home, and a family of 10, 9 and 7 years of children. For the sake of videos, they include the idea of family schools, curriculum elections, plans, travel and our reading content.

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Hello everyone, this is Allen from the entrance to teaching.Today I will share with you another family school resources that we have always used in this school year.

For those recruits that may have been my channel.

Welcome to Ellen, I have three children, seven years, nine years and ten.

They seem to grow up like weeds.

We are currently in Germany.My children have been going to Germany for a long time.We go to school to school and take the risk of the rest of the time.

My channel mainly talks about books on family school resources.

We read some plans and some adventures.

Therefore, a truly important part of our family learning language is a truly important part of our family.

I think this is one of the most useful things for them in the future, and I have read a lot about how easy it is to learn another language when you are young.

So I want to make sure I don't get to know them with them, and they are really young.

So almost two years in the morning they attended a school at the German school, so they went to school from eight o'clock at noon and then went home for lunch.

We have the rest of our home to conduct American family schools and then do any other activities at home.

So we want to add another language to our house and decide the next Spanish.

We chose Spanish because of the first.

I have always been interested in Spanish and others.

This is just a very popular language around the world, especially in the United States.

So we think this will be a great language that can jump next.

Therefore, this year we started using the Spanish Faculty and the mind of the Family School.

They actually contacted me and asked me if I wanted to go to class with them and then share my experience online.Of course, I said that, I have to say that we love to stay with them very much.

The Faculty of Spanish Faculty of Family School is a broadcast on the spot, so you can work with the teacher of Guatema One or One or the group, and we decide to divide into two groups.

So, the biggest group with me is a group, and then my younger two groups are.Between.

As we all know, please work together and whisper each other.

It is very useful and then brings another party.

Now I want to show you the look on his website and how we set the parent portal.

Your options are on the side, and the dashboard can only be viewed.

You can list students, and then I do homework here, you can see any homework here.

We only choose homework, which is a review of advertising, and there is nothing to surrender.

When you choose a student curriculum, you can see all the courses you know and then learn the content in each course? You can also download the materials in advance.

Therefore, you can see his appearance, for example, they first examined the alphabet.

Therefore, this is the first lesson to examine the alphabet.I like it because you can easily print it and add it in your morning, a circle time or all day.

If you want to look at the information, these instructions are always written in Spanish and English, so you can hear and see their written way.

Therefore, the first lesson includes letters and then some basic words, which can be used from the "class" card.

You can organize courses.

So you just need to click the "start of work" here and you can choose students to be in the class.

You can also choose a teacher or if you want, you can choose, not rather, the system will automatically choose a teacher for you.

You can choose one session and then it is appropriate to choose.

Suppose we are suitable for you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then you can look for meetings available for those days.

Just choose the most appropriate days and time -which time is displayed at your local time so that your settings are ready.

You add them to the cart and then automatically choose the teacher for you, and then you just need to confirm these courses and then you can take a lecture.

Their YouTube channel is another important resource of the Spanish Faculty of Family School.

Therefore, you can actually go to some subjects here and learn something more than you have learned in the class, and you will surely check all the information you learned.

They have a lot of videos, almost everything that can be thought, even associated with family schools and how to integrate language learning in family schools and outside of school in many different ways.

I like the courses of Spain, because whenever you do things like them, they are always very encouraging, and they always put them in front of you and take you to every different part.

When we all learn other languages, they will make interesting Spanish games.

Sometimes it can be.

They were also tested, the test was very interesting.

I really like them, because once the teacher gave me a Venus and a pink star.

I'm like a teacher, yes, very well.

Great, do you think this is an interesting way to learn new languages? So far, what are you learning, mind adios or ABC? Just like German.

To g i h, you are right, um, the Buenos valley! It's easy! Ok, Oh, okay! When I said you are fine today, chipboard, how do you say? Good, okay, you say and muy bien! Ok, that's it! That's my comment at the Spanish Faculty of Family School, and I will bring some information to the box to describe below.

If you want to know more information about courses, thank you for watching a wonderful day.


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