The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (2023)

While I never think you should cheat on Duolingo since it defeats the purpose of using the app to learn a language, there are certain days when I think about it more.Rolloinstead of learning. So I've compiled a list of the fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo so you can level up faster.

And in case you want to make sure I know what I'm talking about, my Duolingo stats show that I've earned over 60,000 XP since joining in 2016.

However, I haven't done it consistently (I rarely have a streak on Duolingo).

But I love learning languages ​​and tend to get drunk on Duolingo when I'm in a language learning frenzy.

Seriously, I couldn't learn languages ​​without it.Italki(I am currently taking 3 classes a week)try a classand you'll thank me later. They are usually $9 or less!

And these crazy things taught me a few things about how to earn XP as quickly as possible so that I could learn as much new vocabulary and grammar practice as possible. Here you are!

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PS Did you know that you level up with XP in Duolingo? The highest level you can reach is 25! Continue reading my post"Things Most People Don't Know About Duolingo"to see where you can find out your level!

The fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo:

1. Use the desktop version

Most users don't even know one exists.Duolingo desktop version, which can be one of the fastest ways to get XP.

Because? Because you don't lose "health" when using the desktop option, you can complete many lessons without having to watch ads or use your gems to restore health.

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Also, for those of you who can type faster on your computer, this means you can complete the lessons MUCH faster than if you had to type on your phone!

For me, this is also a plus as it helps me practice spelling and make sure I really know the grammar.

This is also the way to hack Duolingo and avoid paymentDuolingo Plus (which I think is a waste of money!)

If, like me, you are very interested in learning languages ​​or just want to dabble in them, then go for it.Check out this book on Amazonon how to become fluent in a language over time without losing fluency!

2. Attend a Duolingo event

You earn 250 XP for every Duolingo event you participate in! This is probably the fastest and easiest way to earn lots of XP at once, and it's also a great way to practice your language skills!

Duolingo events are usually free and hosted by other Duolingo users. It's basically a Skype video call with other language learners who want more conversation practice outside of their regular Duolingo class.

To earn XP, you must attend the event. If you've never attended a Duolingo event,This guide will walk you through the entire process..

3. Full stories (if available in your language)

At the moment,Duolingo Storiesare available for English speakers who are learning Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese (and just added Italian!)

But these are a great way to get serious XP quickly and without much effort.

If your language has stories, a tab that looks like a book will appear at the bottom of the screen.

UPDATE: Duolingo Stories no longer has its own tab, but you can find stories if your language has them in the main hallway. On the way you will see lessons that look like a book and these are stories! If you want stories on demand, Super Duolingo has now added this as a feature, or you can use the desktop version of Duolingo, which currently still has stories in a separate tab (desktop hasn't switched to the new update yet).

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All you have to do is listen to a story and you will be asked to match the words with what was said. At the end of the short story, all you have to do is put a few words together and voila!

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The more you hit, the more XP you will get.

The first set of stories costs around 14 XP per story, but as you progress to the more difficult stories, the amount of XP you can get increases!

I now earn about 28 XP per story with my French Duolingo and often only takes a minute or two to complete! It's a great way to get a Duolingo XP boost!

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4. Complete speedup challenges in the League tab

These challenges came out recently with the new update and I'm not sure if they will always be available, but they are a great way to earn XP very quickly!

Filethis postto find out how you can earn even more XP with the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge.

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All you have to do is go to your league tab (which looks like a shield) and look in the bottom right corner. If there's a purple flash, click on it!

This is your acceleration challenge! I think they do this to encourage people to be competitive in the leagues and to help you move up the ranks quickly.

Basically, it's a very easy way to get 40 XP in a single lesson and one of the best Duolingo point cheats out there.

Do you have a friend who enjoys learning languages? Or maybe he wants to make sure he gets what he wants? hahaha here they are9 language gift ideas for your friend(or maybe mail it to your mom!)

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5. Go back to the easier lessons

If the lessons get harder or you just want to get more XP as quickly as possible, go back to the beginning of your Duolingo path to follow the lessons again!

You can make these lessons "legendary" and earn 40 XP!

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This is how the old Duolingo looked before the update:

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (8)

This will not only give you a lot of XP quickly, but you can also see how much you've learned! Remember when those first few lessons were hard?

If you want to learn a language faster than ever, I recommend it tooRead Benny Lewis' book on how to learn a language in JUST 3 months.

6. In the mobile app, select "Automatic replies instead of typing (when possible)".

Sometimes Duolingo just gives you the option to write, but if you'd rather have the word bubbles to organize them, pay attention to the bottom left corner when you're done with the lesson.

You may be able to switch to automatic responses instead of typing, although as I mentioned above, this isn't always possible!

7. Click I can't speak right now or I can't hear right now.

Sometimes when I'm watching TV (or even if I have a kid who's really acting up when I'm teaching for VIPKID), I'll open Duolingo and go through the easier lessons, paying close enough attention to get the answers right.

As you complete a lesson, you'll find that when prompted to speak or listen, you can choose "I can't speak right now" or "I can't listen right now."

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Clicking this button will disable this question type for one hour. You must select this option to both speak and listen when they appear.

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Although the speaking and listening parts of a Duolingo lesson are usually very easy and fast, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you can't do those things but still want to learn and earn XP. So just turn them off!

They'll turn back on in an hour, so it's not a permanent thing and you can practice much more often.

8. Then get golden lessons"Fix them/ Look at them

When you complete all the levels in one of the themed bubbles, the circle will turn gold. After a while, the gold will break, giving you a chance to "restore" it for 10 XP.

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UPDATE: So far with the new Duolingo update, the path no longer breaks the lessons so you can restore them, instead they are still gold and you have the option to revisit them for 5 XP or make them legendary for 40 XP. You can choose to add the canceled lessons back in the future, but they're not there for now!

This is how the app looked before when the classes were restored:

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (11)

Now these are the options offered by the new Duolingo route:

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9. Take classes in a language you know better

Do you speak more languages ​​than the language you're currently learning on Duolingo? Head into that language to quickly earn XP before switching back to your new language.

For example, I am currently learning French and Italian, but I am already fluent in Spanish.

So sometimes when I have health problems or just want to get as much XP as possible, I go to Spanish and complete lessons and stories that are very easy for me.

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You can even try switching from learning Spanish (or whatever language you choose) for English speakers to English for Spanish speakers!

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (14)

This may not be easier in some cases, but give it a try! I talk more about how to do that inthis post.

10. Unitless Test

I don't recommend doing this in a language you're new to, but if you've been learning for a while and are just getting started with Duolingo, or are already fluent in a language, this is a very easy way. way to get XP fast!

With the Duolingo update, now test units by scrolling down your Duolingo path until you see a button that says "Skip Here?".

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (15)

Once you click on it, you'll be asked if you want to jump to that drive, and then it will test to see if it's ready. When I took the test, it allowed 5 errors, but Duolingo has been known to change that often.

To jump one unit where I came from I gained 50XP, so I tried to jump two units to see if it gave me more XP, but I was only rewarded with 50XP.

So, to get the most out of unit tests, make sure you do one at a time to earn 50 XP each time.

Also, these lessons will obviously be a bit longer and more difficult, since you'll be skipping an entire level and earning a ton of XP all at once.

This is how the trial version used to look when you had to use gems to buy the trial (which is no longer needed):

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (16)

11. Complete all levels of Match Madness

In the League tab you will find the Match Madness Challenge. He is not always available and will tell you how long he will be there.

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (17)

You need 30 gems for each level or you must be a Super Duolingo subscriber to participate.

Each level gives you a set amount of time to match words to their translations, and you can choose to purchase time boosts or Row Blasts (one set of matches is removed for the entire level) with gems to ensure you earn all of your XP.

The reason why Match Madness gives you so much XP so quickly is that you can do it as many times as you want until the match is over.

Each level also gives you more XP than the last level. For example, level one will give you 40 XP, level 2 will give you 50 XP, and so on until you reach the highest level. You can then replay that level as many times as you want and still earn that amount of XP each time you complete the level!

12. Earn and use XP boosters

While you can't always predict when you'll get an XP boost, if you get notified that you've gotten one, make sure you do as many lessons as possible in the time frame you get!

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For example, after reaching my daily XP goal, I was notified that for the next 30 minutes, any XP I earned in class would be doubled.

However, about an hour later, I was offered an XP boost after completing a lesson, and that XP boost was only for the next 15 minutes.

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (18)

If you have notifications turned on for Duolingo, it should let you know when the Early Bird Reward XP boost is unlocked and you can use it to earn double XP.

You can check when it will be available by clicking on your gems at the top of the app and looking at the Special Offers section.

13. Buy more difficult lessons to earn double XP

Every once in a while you start a lesson and Duolingo gives you a chance to take a harder lesson and earn double XP, but you have to use your gems to buy them. Right now they cost 20 gems.

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (19)

13. Complete Audio Lessons with Auto-Play On

UPDATE: For now, Duolingo has removed the audio lessons, but they may add them back in the future, either for Super Duolingo subscribers or within the path, is my best guess.

Not all languages ​​have audio lessons, but if yours does, you should definitely use them to earn XP much faster! They're honestly my new favorite plugin for Duolingo and I think that's the direction Duolingo will take.

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (20)

Instead of typing your answers, Audio Lessons requires you to say them.

After introducing you to all the new words, they'll even ask you to translate them out loud without giving you the answer, which I think is something Duolingo has been lacking up to this point.

Also, you can easily set the audio lessons to play automatically without even touching your phone.

When you're asked to repeat something or translate something out loud, it automatically listens until you speak, without you having to press any buttons to start recording.

It will then automatically continue to the next lesson. You can complete these lessons hands-free!

You earn 20 XP per individual lesson and there are usually 4 lessons together, which means you can earn 80 XP if you have autoplay enabled and complete each lesson in that section.

The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (21)

Well, I wish you the best of luck in your quest for as much XP as possible! Feel free to follow me on Duolingo at Dayna255732 or leave a comment with other ways you've found to earn XP fast!

Of course, this isn't a Duolingo cheat hack, just a few more ways to motivate yourself to learn a language, even if it means sometimes you have to turn it into a game!

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The 10 fastest ways to get XP on Duolingo • Travel happily (22)
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